Why Choose Ev

Great teachers lead to great education! Our teachers' training is TESOL accredited.

Expert Faculty

Students come from different countries to study English in a friendly environment.

Nationality Mix

EV Academy selected as one of the top 5 English school in the Philippines.

Reliable School

EV Academy brings the best of 8 nationalities to offer you the only true international English school in Cebu.

Intl Management

Between care and control, EV Academy, we have become experts in coaching students.

Ev Coaching

Study during the day and enjoy the warming ambiance of a resort every evening after class!

School & Resort

EV Guarantee

Optimize Schedule

Different formula
(holiday to intensive)

“Think” English

International students community and English Only Policy (penalty).

Fun learning

Teaching method start by practicing + based on student's interest.

Personal attention

Management team: 18 from 8 countries, all students before, stay on site, different personalities.

Global community

Live, eat, study and mingle with friends from other countries. you learn more than english.


24/7 agents security, no ID no entry, 25 CCTV cameras

What students say

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