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Hello! My name is Anton, I from Vladivostok. My friends recommended me to come a... ..Hello! My name is Anton, I from Vladivostok. My friends recommended me to come and studying English here. I’m a seaman and I work with Filipinos. I know they are very friendly, talkative and good English speakers. I love the tropical weather, the beach and the sea. So I immediately decided to come here. I studied two weeks in EV Academy. I like the educational system of the school. Teachers at EV Academy are very professional and high-educated, and there is an “English Only Policy” everywhere in the campus, so you don’t have a choice: You need speak only in English at all times [...] Every day we have 9 lessons (3 MTM and 6 group classes), self-study time and tests. There are many types of activities on campus, such as table tennis, basketball, swimming pool, gym, etc. Thanks EV, see you next time! read more

Всем привет! Меня зовут Антон, и я приехал из Владивостока. Мои друзья порекомен... ..Всем привет! Меня зовут Антон, и я приехал из Владивостока. Мои друзья порекомендовали приехать в эту школу для изучения английского языка. Я – моряк, и я работаю с филиппинцами поэтому не по наслышке знаю, что они очень дружелюбны, разговорчивы и очень хорошо говорят на английском языке. Мне нравится тропический климат, пляжи и море. Поэтому я без раздумья выбрал эту страну для обучения. Я проучился в EV Academy 2 недели. Мне понравилась система образования в этой школе. Все учителя в этой школы хорошо образованы и профессиональны в преподавании английского языка, в школе действует правило общения только на английском, поэтому у вас нет выбора и вы общаетесь на английском все время. Каждый день у нас 9 занятий с преподавателями (3 индивидуальных и 6 групповых), время на домашнюю работу и тесты. На территории школы всегда есть, чем заняться: настольный теннис, баскетбол, плавательный бассейн, тренажерный зал и др. У нас всегда есть возможность купить снеки и напитки на территории школы. Спасибо EV! До новых встреч! read more



Hi everyone, my name is Chen. This is my experience in EV academy. They will tea... ..Hi everyone, my name is Chen. This is my experience in EV academy. They will teach you listening, grammar, speaking and presentation. I believe lots of people have problems with grammar like me. The differences between present/past perfect simple and present/past perfect continuous are very confusing... We don’t need to worry about that anymore, because teachers in EV will teach this from the most basic level. You can also learn how to use important prepositions like "in", "on", and "at" to describe a place, a position or the time correctly. Presentation class is useful too because everyone will have a chance to practice and speak up in front of others. Teachers can help you find and correct the problems in your speech. My favorite class in EV academy is CNN Listening. The teacher will let you listen to the same article again and again. And each time, you need to answer different questions. First, you should point out the specific words in the article. Later, you need to find the definition of each word. After that, you should hear the specific phases and try your best to produce them in the correct time order. Then, you need to answer some questions by completing sentence(s). Finally, you will the whole article. By following this method, you can learn all the details from the article. Of course, if you think the course is too easy or too hard for you, don’t forget that you have the right to change your classes and level [...]These is all I’ve felt and learned at EV Academy. I hope that it will help you to make a decision about studying here. read more

大家好,我的名字是Chen. 我想谈一下我的经历在EV,在EV老师会教你听力,语法,发音和... ..大家好,我的名字是Chen. 我想谈一下我的经历在EV,在EV老师会教你听力,语法,发音和发表课程。我相信很多人跟我一样有语法的问题,混淆时态现在过去将来一般时态。我们不用去担心这些,因为在EV的老师会教给学生们如何运用从最基础的。此外你可以学习怎么正确的运用介词in,on和at.去描述地点,和时间。发表课程同样是很有用的。你会问为什么?那是因为每个人都会有机会去锻炼。老师会帮助你去找到问题的原因解决你的发表问题。我最爱的课程是EV的CNN听力课,老师会让你听一样的文章听几次,但是每次你都要解答不同的问题。第一次听你要在文章中找到特别的单词,然后你要找到每个单词的定义。然后你会听到特别的单词和正确的运用时间。你要去解答一些问题运用完整的句子。最后你要说出整个文章。在这个过程当中你可以学到所有的细节从文章当中。当然如果你觉得这很简单或者太难,不要忘记你可以随时更换你的学习等级。 这是我所在EV感受到的,谢谢您阅读我的文章,我希望这可以帮助您去决定是否在这学习 read more



Hi. My English nickname is Andy. I studied in EV for 6 months. At first, English... ..Hi. My English nickname is Andy. I studied in EV for 6 months. At first, English drove me crazy, but I heard I could study hard here, so I chose this academy. At first it was really hard that to study that much. I had to take vocabulary & sentence tests every day and attend 9 classes plus a self-study session. Every time I wanted to give up, EV managers were here to tell me "you can do it!". They also managed my study habits. They encouraged me a lot. So I studied for a long time here. In EV, I met international students from Vietnam, China, Japan, Taiwan, and Mongolia. This is one of the school's good points! After class, I had time to mingle and play with my friends, and we kept chatting in English. On weekends, we hang out together and spent time swimming at EV swimming pool. Sometimes, I went a trip with my batch mates. I studied with them during class time and break time. We also shared different opinions, so now I understand their cultures. I now feel that the world is big and foreigners have different opinions. These are my memorable experiences in EV Academy. read more

안녕하세요. 제 영어 이름은 앤디 입니다. 저는 이브이 어학원에서 6개월 동안 공부... ..안녕하세요. 제 영어 이름은 앤디 입니다. 저는 이브이 어학원에서 6개월 동안 공부 했습니다. 영어는 저를 정말 미치게 만들었습니다. 한국에 있었을 때 이브이 어학원에 가면 열심히 공부 할 수 있다고 들었고 그래서 이 학원을 선택 하게 되었습니다. 처음에는 많은 양의 영어 공부하는 것이 힘들었습니다. 평일에 단어시험, 문장테스트를 봐야 했고, 9교시의 수업들과 셀프 테스트 까지 들어야했습 니다. 매 순간 영어를 포기하고 싶었지만, 그 순간 마다 학원 매니저님께서 항상 잘 할 수 있다고 격려해 주셨습니다. 또한 공부하는 습관들도 관리해주셨습니다. 그래서 6개월이라는 긴 기간 동안 포기 하지 않고 공부 할 수 있었습니다. 이브이 어학원의 좋은 점은 학원에서 여러 국적(배트남, 중국, 일본, 대만, 몽골)의 외국 학생들과 같이 공부 할 수 있고 수업시간, 쉬는 시간 동안에 영어로 대화하고 서로 다른 생각들을 공유 할 수 있어서 좋았습니다. 수업이 끝나면 외국학생들과 같이 운동 하고 대화도 했습니다. 주말이면 외국친구들과 어울려서 수영도 하고 때때로 여행도 같이 가서 자주 영어를 사용할 수 있었습니다. 그래서 외국 학생의 문화를 이해하고 세상은 넓고 외국인들은 우리와 다른 생각을 갖고 있다는 걸 느꼈습니다. 정말 기억에 남는 경험을 했습니다 read more

REE Rie Okada


The best thing I remember is the precious friends I made here. I went to many ho... ..The best thing I remember is the precious friends I made here. I went to many hotspots: the zoo, beaches, Oslob to swim with whale sharks, Bantayan island, etc. Meanwhile, I made friends from differernt nationalities through those trips. Indeed, I had a very hard time because of my poor English at first. However, my batch mates helped me practice my English. They tried to speak clearly, slowly, and listen to me carefully. Those experiences boosted me when I couldn’t convey what I wanted to say in English. As time went by, my friends told me “Ree, you’ve improved your English skills!” I didn’t realize it so much, but I was happy and really felt the desire to improve it more. What I’ve learned since I came here is that you should always try to convey and understand others. We can change the results depending on our actions. Now I believe it’s never too late to take a step forward. I’m grateful to EV teachers. Because of them, I really enjoyed studying. They often encouraged me saying “you can do it!” with a big smile. EV’s life may be a turning point in my life. Thank you so much, everyone I met, for everything. read more

私の一番の思い出は大切な友達・仲間が出来たことです。ここを卒業して日本に帰っても... ..私の一番の思い出は大切な友達・仲間が出来たことです。ここを卒業して日本に帰ってもずっとつながってると思う素敵な仲間。私は1か月しか滞在しないという短い期間の全週末をイベントで埋め尽くしました(笑)ショッピング、セブ動物園、ビーチ、オスロブ(ジンベイザメと泳ぐために!)、バンタヤン島、クラブ、ボーリング、具のせ放題ピザ屋etc…限られた時間でどれだけ遊ぶか!を学び身に着けた気がします(笑)。    ただ、遊ぶだけが大事なのではなく、違う国の友達を作ることが大事です。私は全くと言っていいほど英語が話せなくて、とても苦労しました。その時位支えになったのが日本人のバッチメイトはもちろん、EVでできた韓国の友達です。彼らは、私がわかりやすいようにゆっくり話してくれたり、単語でしか話せない私の会話を一生懸命聞こうとしてくれました。伝えたいことが伝わらない、うまく話せなくて、会話を避けていた私の背中を強く押してくれました。    そのおかげか、自分で実感はないものの、「Ree、英語上達してるね」と言われるようになりました。その時は嬉しくて、もっともっと上達したい!とすごく思いました。ここにきて感じたことは、英語がうまく話せなくても、お互いに伝えようとすること、そして分かり合おうとすることがとても大事だということです。1か月という短期間でできる事は限られてくるけど、自分がどうしようとするかで大きく変わってくる。27歳になって踏み出した私のEV Lifeはすごく素敵なものになりました!!!    そして、EVの先生たちにはすごくお世話になりました。みなさん気さくな人ばかりで毎日の勉強が楽しく思えました。理解できなくて悩んでいる私に「You can do it!」と笑顔で声をかけてくれたこと、今でも忘れません。最後にEVでの生活を支えてくれたゆかりさん。何を行っても優しく丁寧に教えてくれました。ここに来た日本人はみんな彼女に支えてもらったと思います。ありがとうございました。たった1か月だったけど、きっと私の人生の転機になったと思います。出会ったすべての人、思い出に感謝です。 read more



I studied in EV for 8 weeks. I had a hard but also fruitful time here. I already... ..I studied in EV for 8 weeks. I had a hard but also fruitful time here. I already studied at another Spartan academy about 2 years ago in Cebu. That’s why, this time, I chose EV so I can improve my English skill to the maximum in a short period. There are various nationalities here; Koreans, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Chinese and Japanese. Lots of group classes don’t allow me to be lazy. My classmates, on the other hand, encouraged me, so I could earnestly study English. Besides, the staffs always adjusted our curriculums (classes, MTM teachers etc.) accordingly.
EV rules were stricter than I expected, so at first I was worried whether I could follow them. However I gradually got used to them. Moreover, the Japanese manager helped me and gave me some advice when I had some problems. Plus, the doctor come to check up on us when we got a cold or have medical problem. Thanks to them, I could just concentrate on studying English with a feeling of safety. We can go outside on weekends. I enjoyed shopping, eating out and diving. I felt like a brand new person having these refreshing time.
In my conclusion, I recommend EV if you want to study very hard in a low-cost way and improve English in a short time. There are not so many Japanese students and many group classes. Thank you for all the help you have given me.
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EVアカデミーでは8週間お世話になりました。厳しくも楽しい充実した日々を送ることが... ..EVアカデミーでは8週間お世話になりました。厳しくも楽しい充実した日々を送ることが出来ました。私は約2年前にもセブでスパルタ式の学校に留学していました。EVを今回選んだ理由は、短期間で最大限に英語力をのばしたいと思ったからです。生徒は社会人の方もおり、韓国人、ベトナム人、中国人、台湾人、日本人がいました。授業は個人よりグループ授業が多く、自分に甘えることが出来ず、クラスメイトや周囲の人からのいい刺激もあって真摯に取り組むことが出来ました。また、マンツーマンやグループ授業も、状況に応じて随時クラスや先生を変更することが出来たのはとても良かったです。 規則は想像以上に厳しく、最初はやっていけるのか少し心配でしたが、慣れれば平気でした。また何か困ったことや相談事があったときは日本人スタッフの方がいらっしゃったので安心して生活することが出来ました。また、病気にかかったときはお医者さんが来てくれるので安心して勉強に集中できました。金土日は外出することができ、近代的な都市での買い物や食事、大自然やきれいな海で泳ぐなどしてリフレッシュすることが出来ました。  比較的低予算、日本人が少ない、有数のスパルタ式、グループ授業が多いので、短期間に英語力を伸ばしたい方には、EVアカデミーはおススメだと思います。お世話になったスタッフの方、先生ありがとうございました。そして一緒に苦楽をともにしたEVの仲間、本当にありがとう。 read more



I have spent 22 weeks in the Philippines harnessing my English skills. For almost half a year, I have felt at home in EV Academy doing a lot of things at the same time. This experience has molded me not only in improving my English skills but also in being a better version of myself. I’ve studied in ESL course for the first 2 months of my stay. Every morning, I had to join my man-to-man classes. These classes are the four language macro-skill (listening, reading, writing and speaking.) Aside from having a good curriculum, my teachers were kind and passionate in facilitating learning. In times of doubts and confusions, they immediately respond to my concerns. In the afternoon, there were four group classes (presentation, grammar, active speaking, and listening.) These classes give students the opportunity to mingle with foreign classmates. Aside from building friendships, these also allow me to learn about different culture and traditions without even going to their respective countries.

After 2 month stay in ESL course, I decided to challenge myself and be part of IELTS course. IELTS course is more intensive than the previous one and the teachers were teaching highly academic topics. It only means that IELTS was more difficult compared to other courses. That was my first time to be exposed in IELTS, and so, I just got a total band score of 3.5 in my very first mock test but I never lose my determination to improve. After 3 months of intensive training, I was able to reach a band score of 6.5. Warmest gratitude to my passionate IELTS instructors. 

Aside from attending my main classes, I also had the chance to join an optional class, in filmmaking to be specific. Every week, we watched 2 movies. Our teacher was really crazy and funny making the class so enjoyable and engaging. He shared different types of movies and would prepare sets of vocabulary for students. Therefore, we learned different things aside from our main courses. 

It was a great and satisfying experience for me to study at EV Academy, not just for improving our language skills but also making bridges with different nationalities. Everything in EV Academy is excellent. You don’t have to worry about recreational activities here because facilities are all functional and effective. Classrooms are all conducive for learning to make me want to study more. It is indeed more fun in the Philippines, more love in Cebu, and more learning in EV Academy.

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在EV待了將近半年... ..


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